National Bike Week 2020

Between the 6th and 14th June Cycling UK will be encouraging us all to get out on our bikes during National Bike Week.

During the lockdown period many have been getting their bikes back out from their sheds or garages to pick up essential items from the local shops, commute to work or to get in some exercise.

As we all adapt to our new normal as the lockdown eases I hope that more people take up cycling. Not only is it good for your own health and wellbeing, but it also helps us in our fight against climate change.

However, up and down the land there needs to be significant investment in cycling infrastructure from Government and local authorities to ensure safe cycling for all.

For National Bike Week 2020 I cycled to the National Cycling Centre in Clayton from Wythenshawe. You can find a clip below of my visit.

For more information about National Bike Week click here.