Covid-19 Update – 15th October 2020

Yesterday I spoke during the Ministerial Statement from the Secretary of State for Health on Covid-19. You can find the Hansard transcript here.

As you can see from the clip above, I’m furious on behalf of local residents and businesses who are being told one thing one day with a ‘leak’ then the Government are announcing differently. Regardless on where you stand on tier 2 or 3 this is no way for a Government to deliver serious messages during a public health crisis. It’s also no way to treat people, it’s a disgrace.

There is unity amongst Greater Manchester leaders and MPs across all political parties. There is real anger, anxiety and frustration that has already been caused with nearly 3 months locked in tier 2 with no extra support and a strategy that is clearly not working.

In Greater Manchester we will support evidence based interventions with adequate financial support. We cannot support this chaos and incompetence from the Government.