Budget 2021

What we needed this week from the Chancellor was a Budget to put the country on the road to recovery and to right the wrongs of the last decade. Sadly this Budget just papers over the cracks. This Government’s mismanagement has left us with the worst economic crisis of any major economy, we were hit harder because we had longer and stricter restrictions than other countries because the Government failed to get the virus under control. Greater Manchester as you know has been under the most severe restrictions for the best part of a year now. I hear every day how this is impacting residents and businesses in Wythenshawe and Sale East, and I share your concerns.

The Chancellor made no mention of the NHS’s recovery in his budget and ignored social care completely. He didn’t mention schools or crime and policing, and I know, for you, these are key issues and I agree with you. There was no pay increase for the key workers who I think we all agree have got us through this crisis and in another blow to household finances we have been hit with a council tax hike.

It strikes me that the Tories are showing their true colours with this budget. They have given second home owners a cut in stamp duty and plan to cut the incomes of the most needy in our society just as further unemployment is set to rise due to their mismanagement of the Covid19 crisis. The pandemic has exposed the gaps within our society, and this budget does nothing to address those inequalities.

A Labour Budget would have put the NHS and social care at the centre of it and would have had a plan to rebuild the foundations of our economy for the long term for people like us. There would have been a focus on supporting new jobs across the entire UK, supporting our high streets , protecting family finances and backing our key workers

It seems the Government has failed to learn the lessons of this pandemic. We must not go back to the insecurity of the past. The Chancellor has his priorities wrong and has shown with this budget how out of touch he and the Government are with what this country needs.