Brexit and the Aviation Sector

Over 25,000 people work at Manchester Airport in our constituency.

If the country doesn’t secure a deal on the future of the aviation sector by 29th March next year, there is real concern that many of these jobs will be at risk.

If there is no Brexit deal, or no aviation specific agreement, the doomsday scenario of aircraft stranded on the runway at our airport could well come true.

The implications to our local economy don’t bear thinking about.

I sponsored a debate in Westminster Hall last week on the effects of Brexit on aviation, where I highlighted the risks of no deal.

I also challenged the Minister to clarify how likely it will be that there will be a deal before the Brexit clock ticks down.

The Government is optimistic that aviation will be sorted in time, but the Minister couldn’t confirm when we’ll see it.

This is a really important issue in the Brexit negotiations, for our constituency and the wider public –I will continue to press this important issue in Parliament.

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